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If you want to win the biggest cash prizes in a casino, then you have got to be playing the slot machines make no doubts about it. When it comes to playing the fantastic slot machines, you have choice in abundance, entertainment to the max and the payouts are the largest of any casino game going – FACT.

These are real money games that payout in real rupees and this is our guide that will help players living in India to learn about online slot machines and how they work, what they are, and how you can also get hold of slots games for free to play for fun only. All you need to know about the best slot machine games found online can be read right here.

Online Slot machines

So, why should you be playing slots and what are slots anyway? Well, online slot machines make up the largest number of real money games inside of any Indian casino. The average website holds about 800 slot machines made by the best software developers in the business. You’ll have award-winning slots India players will absolutely love.

Online slots are a very simple game to play, almost embarrassingly simple. These games contain an average of 5-reels, upon them, you have symbols that each relate to a prize value.

You will press the spin button to rotate the reels and when they stop, should the matching symbols of 3 or more align to a payline pattern (see slot detail) then you win a cash prize.

The games come with vast jackpots and internal gaming features and bonus rounds. If you like you can see for yourself how easy they are to play, we can guide you towards many accessible slots games for free, where you can play officially licensed games from authentic developers. Why not try yourself with this link and play Starburst for free and see how easy and how much fun it can be. This is only a demo so at this stage you won’t be winning your millions just yet.

Multi-Line Games

What are multi-line games? Well, these are the more recent gaming products that are better known as Megaways games. This is a gaming feature that was developed for online slots by the Aussie developer Big Time Gaming. They revolutionised real money games and helped to revamp some of the older slots India players found less rewarding.

The new format of gaming took original slot machines with their average 25 payline feature and pumped it with hundreds of thousands of ways to win. These are slots on some freakish gaming steroid.

The more paylines and ways to win you have, obviously, the better the chance you have of winning, it is as simple as that.

Here are some of the best slots online that fall under the Megaways category and it includes with Paylines and the game’s RTP score and Volatility.

Megaways Title Ways to Win RTP% Volatility
1 Million Magaways BC 105,884 96.2% High
88 Fortunes 117,649 96.06% High
Genie Jackpots 117,649 96.52% High
Anubis Wild 117,649 95.90% High
Medallion Megaways 117,649 96.28% Medium
The Dog House 117,649 96.55% High
Rick and Morty 117,649 95.55% High

Progressive Jackpots for India

If you want to win more than enough rupees so you can retire at a younger age and enjoy the life ahead of you with a fortune to spend, then you have to play Progressive Jackpot online slots. These are a slot variant that is built to hold life-changing sums of money. These are the slots India has been waiting for.

These progressive slot machines can hold one, two, three, and sometimes for different jackpot prizes.

These are seriously big real money games that hold millions in dollars, but billions in Indian rupees.

There are different types of jackpot gaming out there. You have your standard stand alone game with one single jackpot to win, then you have those that hold multiple jackpots, and those that hold multiplies and must pay them out within 24-hours. These are Daily Jackpots or Must Drop Jackpots and they are incredible.

Here are some of the best slots online found within the Progressive jackpot category.

Progressive Jackpots RTP% Volatility
Mega Moolah 88.12% Medium
Dark Knight Rises 96.41% Medium
Gods of Storm 96.14% Medium/High
Mystery Reels 96.24% High
Mega Fortune 96.6% Medium

Slots in India

There are thousands of online slots that are accessible in India’s best online casinos. You’ll find that you can enjoy online slots that are based on Hollywood movies and TV like Game of Thrones by Microgaming and Gladiator by Playtech.

There are tons of styles and themes that the slots India category will enable you to explore. You’ll have slot machines that come with Sci-Fi themes, Horror, Greek mythology, slots that take you to ancient Egypt, and you have your fun cute animal slots.

Of all online casino games slots are the most loved and most diverse. You will have access to the very best slots online online when you join India’s top online casinos to play them.

Best real money online slots in India

In the table above we noted things like RTP and Volatility. These are part of the game’s programming that controls their payout rate and their performance.

All online slots are built with these two components and they will help you to recognise the best real money slots online from the worst slots India platforms can offer.

Knowing about how slot machines are made, will serve you better in the long run as you will be able to put your money into the online casino games that are profitable and of better performance.

So, the RTP is the Return to Player algorithm, if a game holds an RTP score of 95%, this is telling you that of all the money going into the game, 5% will be kept by the casino as profit, and 95% will be paid back out to the players.

The higher the RTP% the better the slot is.

Now, the volatility of the game comes in three performance levels.

High: This slot will perform with very few payouts, but the payouts made can return high profits.

Medium: This slot will have you break even; it can return big wins and small payouts in equal measure.

Low: This slot will produce very frequent wins, but the profits will be low.

To learn what games are built with, you can find RTP% scores within the gaming details, just click on the slot’s information button. The Volatility isn’t always marked in the details, so it’s a case of having to test the game first to see how it plays and you do this in its free demo mode.

Play slots for free online

Yes, you can happily free slot machine games online and experience how real online casino machines work. By using free demo online slots, you immediately take out the expense and save them for when you know which the more profitable games are to play.

The free slots India has can be found in the link above, gives you access to officially licensed slots that are the same within the real money casinos. From these free to play slot machines, you can learn about the developers and pick your favourite slots, you can learn which games have high, medium, and low volatility and by playing them, you can learn about the different slot strategies which are discussed on our homepage.

There is a world of fantastic online casino games out there and within the top Indian casinos online, you will get the privilege of being able to play them all. Immerse yourself in the greatest slot machines online, built by the absolute best in the business and give yourself the chance to win thousands and millions in rupees, just by spinning the slots.

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